Comfort Sessions. was started in 2013 by Bram Troost as a means to make an impact in the Techno-community and in particular the producers working hard towards getting more promotion and a better network.

He created an open platform on which every DJ / Producer (unknown to famous) can use their music to speak for itself, with always a personal introduction.

From what started out as a 6 hour long show with Bram Troost creating all content by himself, it’s been in the hands of his good friends KEFFISH and MOVEMENT6 for the last 3,5 years and they’ve made the show even bigger, with a smaller, 2-hour long show. Even having a couple of LIVE Events at the 2016/2017 Amsterdam Dance Event which were visited by countless dj’s and producers around the world.They have done a tremendous job of bringing the show to another level and now given it back to Bram Troost to make it his own again.

Starting with a fresh start in January 2019 to take the show on a new adventure, he’s now working on going bigger and more international with a professional website (ComfortSessions.com) and an Instagram account (@comfortsessions) to get more coverage and provide music to even a bigger audience than before.

Take the ride with him and enjoy the rush…